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In the center of a magnet, a magnet is made of a permanent magnet, made of iron, and has a hole, line, head or movable hook. The pot is an important part of the magnetic circuit. Active magnet surface is not closed. When the crucible magnet holds any metal part, the magnetic force in the circuit is stronger than the individual magnet. It is the most effective gripping design, and provides a simple, non-destructive way to hang objects or connect them to metal. It is widely used in construction, engineering, automobile and other fields, such as fixed, clamping, installation, handling, transportation, etc., or in office, home, watch, etc.


According to different permanent magnets, there are nd2 tank magnets, SmCo tank magnets, ferrite tank magnets and Alnico Pot magnets.
With proper design, the magnetic force is stronger than the individual magnet.
Simple structure, easy to operate.
NdFeB, Ferrite, SmCo, Alnico materials.
The surface can be zinc, nickel, chromium, paint, rubber and so on.
It can be made to order.

Post time: Mar-18-2018
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